The Textbook of Functional Medicine

The Textbook of Functional Medicine is the authoritative and comprehensive text for practitioners, academic medicine faculty, students, and researchers. Extensively referenced, the book has been widely reviewed and praised, and has sold thousands of copies. Both experienced clinicians and those new to the field will find this textbook to be an essential addition to their medical libraries.

The updated Textbook of Functional Medicine (2010 update) has the following additional features:

  • A new Foreword by Mark Hyman, MD, current Chair of IFM’s Board of Directors and a nationally recognized functional medicine physician and author
  • Two detailed new cases (ADHD and Psoriatic Arthritis) in Chapter 37
  • A new version of the Functional Medicine Matrix Model™ introduced and used in both the new cases
  • An expanded and improved Appendix that includes:
    • New questionnaires that will help you detect toxic exposures in patients (both adult and child)
    • Better charts to detect and track nutrient insufficiencies and deficiencies according to signs and symptoms
    • A complete 7-day meal plan with recipes to accompany the comprehensive elimination diet.

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