Functional Medicine South Africa is a hub where like-minded health care practitioners can join the movement of educated professionals in the model of Functional Medicine, using tools and resources gained from the Institute of Functional Medicine http://www.functionalmedicine.org.

According to Dr Frank Lipman, ……..”functional medicine is a health-focused, patient-centric partnership, in which doctor and patient work together to dig deep and find out the causes of illness and disease. We examine not only the patient, but also their unique history, environment, lifestyle and underlying factors, and then develop a health-enhancing, usually drug-free plan to help restore the patient to good health and lead him or her on a life-long path of wellness. With Functional Medicine, we look beyond the laundry list of symptoms; we take the whole person into account…..”

With Functional Medicine, health care professionals treat the person who has the disease rather than the disease the person has. It’s listening to the patient, asking questions, and examining the genetic, environmental, and lifestyle patterns that effect their health. By addressing the underlying causes of illness and disease, Functional Medicine practitioners are able to design unique, personalized healing plans that Conventional Medicine literally doesn’t have the tools, training, or the time for.

South African practitioners want to work as partners with you- the patient, to restore balance and health to your life. And participating in the process, that transition from illness to wellness, is one of the greatest joys of Functional Medicine—for both patient and practitioner.

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Kind regards

Lorraine Leas (Pharmacist)

Director Functional Medicine SA and Amipro. Contact us: info@functionalmedicinesa.co.za